TYME Beauty's take on 2024’s hair color trends

Feb 23, 2024

TYME Beauty's take on 2024’s hair color trends 

From grow-out blonde to embracing roots and clean-girl aesthetics 


We’re all sticklers for the ‘New Year New Me' phrase that rolls around every January 1st, but have you heard of ‘New Year, New Hair’?—trust us, it’s just as good. 


Why try and make a promise to the new year that you need to make a change, when you can just play around with your hair color? Really, it’s just as fun. 


2023 hair color trends saw us bringing warmth to any bed of hair we could find. From gorgeously golden blondes to warm highlights on Mediterranean brown hair—the trend of lightening everything may not be slipping too far away for 2024—but it seems that we’re looking for ways to subtly upgrade the trends that were already there. P.S, Is anybody really ready to say goodbye to the golden blonde Barbie era? Because we’re not. 


This is TYME’s take on 2024 hair color trends for the year ahead. From grown-out blonde to embracing roots and clean-girl aesthetics—we’ve dug around for the “it” girl colors of the year, and no matter how much of a change you’re looking for, there’s something for everyone. 


*One thing to remember with color changes, this isn’t the early 2000s where we’re doing dip dye or peroxide bleaches in our bedrooms and hoping for the best. We recommend seeking expert stylist advice before making any drastic changes, and above all, use Lauren Ashtyn’s luxury hair care to keep your locks packed with moisture. 

Margot Robbie with a natural blonde hair color.

1. Grow-out blonde: celebrating roots and clean-girl aesthetics

One of the first 2024 hair color trends we're shining the spotlight on is something that you can’t miss when swiping on your TikTok hair trend feed—it’s everywhere! ‘Grown-Out Blonde’ extends beyond a mere change in hair color—it's a celebration of roots, and a homage to the new concoction of a clean-girl aesthetic meets wanting to be natural. 


Picture the effortlessly clean look of celebrities like Margot Robbie and Taylor Swift gracefully embracing their roots, showcasing a lived-in, natural look. This trend actually hasn’t been made famous by these well-known faces. It's hairdressers taking to social media to make that lived-in blonde look perfect. 


We aren’t talking about Miley Cyrus' roots coming in when she turned from bleach blonde to… grown out (we still love you, Miley). We’re talking about a subtly blended highlight and root smudge to make your hair look effortlessly chic. 


So, although the ‘trend’ per se is supposed to ooze minimalism, it‌ takes a lot of time and care to get the subtle smudge that everyone is after. Think of soft, creamy shades (that look) natural, but aren’t. This trend is supposed to mimic the linen beige outfits that everyone’s been donning for the last 12 months, which make understated chic the trend of the decade. 


If you’re looking to ramp up your hair for all seasons to come, then pair this hair color with the Halo Style Luxury Layered Hair Extensions in Giselle. The root smudge matches up perfectly with the lived-in blonde, and the extra volume will make you feel like a million dollars. 

2. The ‘It’ color of the year: fiery red hair


Selfie of Dua Lipa with fiery red hair.

You don’t have to be a social media pro to know that red is EVERYWHERE. From still being the color of AW24 to hitting the catwalks left, right, and center, red is needed in any outfit you want to spruce up. 


Digging into the depths of this trend, why not take it the extra mile by making your pop of color part of your look, and not just your outfit? Envision the seamless transition from a classic brunette to a fiery red, inspired by Megan Fox’s signature transformation in 2023. 


This warm berry hue with a red base exudes warmth and brilliance, and it’s a trend that's not just about color but a radiant statement. Celebrities like Emma Stone and Jessica Chastain have illuminated the red carpet with their stunning variations of this trend, leaving an indelible mark on the beauty landscape.


The undeniable "It Color of the Year." has been adapted by Billie Eilish at the Golden Globes 2024 in her Barbiecore era. In a statement that’s set to go down in history, the “What was I made for” singer has answered her own question—she was made for slaying on the red carpet, with IT girl red hair. Obsessed!


Why not try a deep vibrant crimson like Dua Lipa’s gorgeous strands or go for a more natural subtle auburn, like on Fahy? Red hair is more than a mere color choice—it's a declaration of boldness and a testament to vivacity and experimentation. From fiery coppers to rich auburns, each shade tells a unique story. It’s a red revolution, and though some are opting for a red scarf or the bold red lip, you’ll catch us with a fiery red up-do. 


Scared to take the jump? Why not try a human hair wig? They’re lace-front, real hair, and you can try and test the hair color trend, without damaging your hair… it’s a win-win. 

3. Sombrés, or subtle ombrés—the artful expression of blending 

Hailey Bieber with soft ombre blonde highlights.

Bid farewell to the peroxide experiments of yesteryears as we embrace the era of Sombrés, or Subtle Ombré if you want the exact name. It's not just a trend; it's an artful expression of understated elegance and the act of adding dimension to your existing hair. Explore this perfectly blended, natural-looking ombré trend, where each transition is a brushstroke with expert skill painted onto your natural hair. 

This trend is a modern twist on those thick, chunky highlights that did the rounds in the noughties, but only lighter. Picture a “ribbon highlight” effortlessly placed on the strands for an elevated look. This adds dimension to a dark head of hair, and just like ‌ Joan Smalls’s face-framing balayage, it’s going to do the talking for 2024. 

Whether it’s fall or summer, adding the light subtle ombre to your already naturally brunette hair will see you through from season to season.

This trend is an ode to the grown-out period that we’re all in. Maybe we’re not in that clean-girl era, we’re in more of a ‘lazy-girl’ era—but we aren’t complaining! The golden tones melt around your face and let your face card do all the talking. 

4. Golden copper: embracing the fiery brilliance


Emily Ratajkowski with copper hair.

As we navigate our way through the spectrum of trends, let's pause to marvel at the allure of "Golden Copper." Imagine golden copper highlights with a red base, as seen on Emily Ratajkowski's signature brunette hair transforming into a fiery red. This trend encapsulates the essence of warmth and brilliance, adding a touch of golden glow to your mane. 


Copper-orange is the color that will ring in the new year with a warming glow, and if there were ever a time to be searching for hair color ideas—it’s now... Red and brown are synonymous with cooler weather, and the rise of cherry cola hair is taking 2024 by storm. 


It needs to be glossy, ultra-soft, and all about the texture, so make sure to invest in the Lauren Ashtyn ultimate hair bundle—to entrap your locks with moisture. These bright, glossy reds perfectly match cooler tones in the winter, so if you’re on the lookout for a color to try for fall—it’s now.


Cherry cola, copper tin and all the perfect hued orange and reds—Christmas may be over, but we’re taking the hair into 2024—this one’s here to stay, mark our words.

Kim Kardashian with the darker-than-dark 2024 hair color trend.

5. Deep, dark brunettes—the darker, the better 

Our final destination for 2024 takes a turn into the world of deep, dark brunettes who crave a look untouched by the sun. Unlike 2023’s raving craze of sunkissed golden hues, ‘the darker, the better’ is our ethos for the year. 

Sometimes, the allure lies in the shadows, and this trend caters to those who cherish the mystery and depth of their natural hue. Join us in celebrating the beauty of deep, dark brunettes that defy the conventional sun-kissed norms, embracing a rich and velvety aesthetic.

This one’s for those of us who are too shy to leap into the unknown with how our hair will turn out. Opt for a range of glosses for the low-maintenance look that will make you feel like a new woman. Solid colors with a violet-silver shampoo or gloss will give your natural hair an edge that you’re missing. This adds dimension to the cool tones, leaving you with an icy freshness that only needs a 90s supermodel blowout to finish the look.

At the forefront of the "darker, the better" hair trend for 2024 stands none other than the trailblazer herself, Kim Kardashian. Renowned for her trendsetting style and fashion-forward choices, Kim has been a beacon of inspiration for those craving the allure of deep, dark brunettes. 


As a style icon, Kim Kardashian has effortlessly embraced the sophistication found in shadows, deviating from the sun-kissed norms that once dominated the beauty landscape. Her preference for deep, dark hues has set the tone for a new era in hair fashion, where the richness of one's natural hue becomes a statement of depth and mystery.

It’s effortless, seamless, and easier than any trend we’ve seen before. It’s a yes from us. 

What’s your hair color trend of the year?

Whether you're diving into the "Grown-Out Blonde" trend, embracing the bold statement of "Red Hair," exploring the sophisticated "Sombrés," basking in the warmth of "Golden Copper," or reveling in the allure of "The Darker, the Better," the common thread is clear—your hair is a masterpiece, but the key lies in its care.


Celebrities like Margot Robbie, Taylor Swift, Megan Fox, and more have set the stage for these trends, but remember, the spotlight will always be on you. Products like Lauren Ashtyn's luxury hair care become your trusted allies in this journey, ensuring that your luscious main remains vibrant, healthy, and ready for any color experiment.


Beauty and trends are ever-changing and your hair completes your look. Treat it with the care it deserves, seek expert advice, and revel in the fact that, with the right products and a touch of creativity, your hair can be its own masterpiece. 


Here's to a year filled with vibrant hues, empowered choices, and the beauty of experimentation—because, after all, it's not just about the color; it's about having fun and looking good. 


We can’t wait to see your colors of the year and how you style it…. Did you know,  everyone’s talking about the ‘old money bob’—do you dare to take the chop? We just might.