Sep 20, 2023

A young woman shows off a layered blonde wig in the summertime

Things are heating up, and you keep hearing about “hot girl summer.” You didn’t think they meant it literally! According to meteorologists, this is one of the hottest summers on record. They have plenty of advice for beating the heat and staying cool.

Unfortunately, they don’t ever address how to rock a wig for summer.

While we think that wigs are cool, we know they don’t have a reputation for keeping you cool. Are you finding yourself caught between looking your best and keeping the summer sweat off your neck? You shouldn’t have to sacrifice confidence and style for comfort! Luckily, with a few tips from the wig-loving rockstars at The Lauren Ashtyn Collection, you don’t have to!

We’ve created this guide to share our top tips for comfortably wearing a wig in the summer heat. Continue reading to learn how Lauren Ashtyn stylists do hot girl summer the right way!

Light, Bright, and Short

There’s a reason many women opt for a short and sassy haircut in the lead-up to the summer months. Less hair means less heat!

Likewise, blonde is a definitively beachy hue for a reason. Lighter colors reflect light instead of absorbing it, so wig color matters! The shorter, lighter, and brighter your wig, the cooler you will be!

This is the time of year when Lauren Ashtyn Stylists recommend our shorter styles. Consider one of our 6”-8” lace front wigs in a layered, summery style. Layering your wig removes some extra bulk and creates a carefree sense of movement.

Consider a “Haircut” (or an Up-do)

Remember, all of the wigs in our collection are 100% European Remy. You can cut and style them like natural hair. If you’re considering adding a new wig to your collection, bring an older one for a beachy chop!

Alternatively, you can add a dedicated “summer wig” to your collection. Our stylists love our 6-8" Lace Front Wig "The Marilyn" during the hottest season. Save longer styles and darker shades for colder months. There’s no shame in switching up your style to match the season!

Are you in love with your human hair wig and aren’t in the market for a new one? Styling is your friend!

Now is the perfect time to master the perfect summer updo, even if it’s just a simple ponytail. The goal is to get the hair off your neck and shoulders. It’s the perfect time to experiment with fun braids, loose ponytails, and summery scrunchies.

A smiling woman with shiny wavy blonde hair

Invest in a Wig Liner or Wig Cap

It may not seem intuitive to add something to your head when the weather is warm. In fact, a no-sweat wig liner can add ventilation under your wig. It either stops your head from sweating or collects the sweat so it doesn’t end up on your beautiful wig.

Likewise, many women choose to wear a wig cap during the summertime, even if they don’t use one year-round. It’s a moisture-absorbing barrier that helps manage moisture. Many women love bamboo wig caps because they keep sweat away from the scalp.

Liners and caps are our best-kept secrets for wearing lace wigs in the summer months.

Keep Things Clean

Over time, oils and sweat build up and add weight to your wig. You might not notice until the hot weather hits and every ounce counts! Be sure to wash your wig regularly to keep it clean, removing any lingering styling products or bodily residue.

For this purpose, invest in the highest quality, nitrate-free wig care products. Getting rid of that unnecessary bulk will keep you cool and comfortable when the sun is shining. Plus, regular wig maintenance extends the life of your gorgeous wig. If you commit to wig care, you’ll be able to wear it for many summer gatherings to come!

Staying Cool and Looking Hot in Lauren Ashtyn Wigs for Summer

What hairstyle do you plan to show off at the beach? The Lauren Ashtyn Collection features plenty of beach-friendly shades, from light, bright beachy blondes to skin-kissed brunettes. We promise there’s something spectacular to match your favorite swimwear!

Shop our collection of luxury hair wigs and then head to the beach with confidence!