Apr 18, 2023

Woman with voluminous brown balayage hair extensions

What are the best extensions for thin hair? Find out how to pump up the volume with the right hair extensions and wigs. Plus, learn how to avoid causing damage to your existing strands and achieve the fullness or full coverage you need for fine or thinning hair.

How Extensions Can Help With Thin Hair

If you have a thin or fine hair type, you’re not alone in wishing for some extra oomph. Maybe you’ve tried various styles – from waves and curls to blowouts and back-combing – and still feel like there’s something to be desired. Or perhaps you’ve noticed your hair has started thinning in certain sections and you want to restore the fullness and volume you had before.

This is where extensions can make a major difference in how your hair looks and feels. The best hair extensions for fine hair will add volume to your natural hair without causing damage.

They will also blend in seamlessly to create the most natural look. This means the hair strands will complement your natural hair color. Plus, they’ll be evenly distributed around your scalp and hairline to avoid a choppy or chunky appearance.

Considerations for Hair Extensions and Thin Hair

When it comes to choosing hair extensions for fine, thinning hair, there are some important factors to keep in mind so you end up with a style you love.

Can You Get Hair Extensions With Very Thin Hair?

When you think of hair extensions, you might think of simply adding length. But if you don’t choose extensions that add volume around the crown and scalp area, you can risk giving your already-thin hair an even heavier, dragged-down appearance.

Whether you have fine hair overall or thinning sections, it’s definitely possible to achieve the style you want with strategically placed hair extensions.

How Do You Hide Extensions in Thin Hair?

The trick to hiding hair extensions in thin hair is to ensure that you start with the right type of extensions that are designed to blend in. For instance, you wouldn’t want thick clip-in weft extensions that have to be installed in various places, since these can leave gaps in coverage.

What Type of Hair Extensions Are Least Damaging for Thin Hair?

To minimize potential damage, look for a hair extension option that doesn’t require harsh adhesives. These can create breakage during the installation and removal process.

Best Hair Extensions for Thin Hair

Woman with thin hair shown before and after extensions

Now let’s take a look at some of the best types of hair extensions for thin hair – from the least to the most coverage:

Halo Hair Extensions

Looking for a way to achieve the look of evenly distributed hair extensions without damaging your natural strands with any harsh adhesives? Then you should consider halo hair extensions.

Products like our Luxury Length Halo Design Extensions feature strands of hair attached to a wire halo that encircles your crown. Since the top section of your natural hair will lay smoothly over the halo, everything blends in seamlessly and you can still show your natural part.

Hair Toppers

Instead of adding length at the bottom, maybe what your hair needs is a boost of volume and coverage at the top. In that case, you’ll love hair toppers.

Our Light Volume Hair Toppers and Full Volume Hair Toppers are designed for women who want coverage for mild to severe hair thinning. They feature a base portion that clips in around the crown area, creating the appearance of added volume and full coverage all over. These clip-in hair extensions won’t risk any damage to your natural strands.

Lace Front Wigs

If you need maximum coverage and lots of volume, your best bet is a wig. Our lace front wigs are made from 100% human hair for the most natural results. They’re hand-tied strand by strand for a naturalistic hairline and even distribution that will blend right in beautifully.

You can get your wig fully customized for the perfect color, length and fit. The lace front design won’t be noticeable at all – all you’ll see are luscious locks in the style you’ve been dreaming of.

Shop the Lauren Ashtyn Collection’s Range of Quality Hair Extensions for Thin Hair

If you’re struggling with naturally fine hair that feels a little limp, or hair that’s thinning out, we’re here to help. Looking to purchase halo extensions, hair toppers or a lace front wig? Browse our collection of luxurious hair products from the Lauren Ashtyn Collection and find your new style today.