Jan 11, 2023

Mix of different colored hair extensions

Is your thin, short hair decreasing your self-confidence? If so, we have a solution for you! Hair extensions are a great way to increase the volume and length of your hair without harming your natural hair strands.

However, not all hair extensions are appropriate for thin hair. If you don't pick the proper extensions for your thin hair, it could cause damage to your natural hair or even cause it to fall out.

So what are the best extensions for thin hair? Keep reading to find out!

Best Hair Extensions for Fine, Thin Hair

Since thin hair is already delicate, it's crucial to select extensions that won't put additional strain on the hair shaft or follicle. Here are the best hair extensions for thin hair:

Micro-fusion hair extensions

We advise micro-fusion because standard fusion bonds are typically 1 gram per strand, which is too heavy for a single hair strand, and micro-fusion bonds are about 0.6-0.8 grams per strand. These hair extensions are glued in place using keratin-based glue to protect the natural hair.

Micro-fusion hair extensions keep the wearer's natural hair intact while putting less stress on the hair and scalp.

Hand-tied hair extensions

Hand-tied hair extensions are attached by sliding tiny silicone beads onto rows of hair and then manually tying wefts of the extensions through the beads. Compared to other popular hair extensions like sew-in hair extensions, hand-tied hair extensions cause less damage to your natural hair.

In addition to looking more natural, these extensions relieve stress on your natural hair. They look great with straight or wavy hair and give thin, short hair maximum length and volume.

Clip-in hair extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are ideal for thin hair because they are fast, simple, and don’t damage your natural hair. When applied properly, these extensions make it look as if you have been growing out your hair for years. They can instantly give fine, thin hair more volume and length.

For the best clip-in hair extensions for thin hair, opt for 100% human hair extensions, such as our luxury length hair extensions.

Halo hair extensions

Halo hair extensions are the best extensions for thin hair because they don’t attach to your own hair. These hair extensions have a thin, undetectable wire that makes them sit comfortably on your head like a crown. Your natural hair covers the halo, securely holding it in place.

They can be put on and taken off whenever you want, and they don't tug on the wearer's natural hair or scalp. Halo hair extensions provide natural, luscious, and voluminous hair that perfectly complements one's own natural hair.

Overall, the best extensions for thin hair will depend on the condition of your hair and the style you wish to achieve.

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