What is a Monofilament Top Wig?

Apr 01, 2024

What is a Monofilament Top Wig?

When researching wigs, you may have come across the phrase monofilament top or just mono top wigs. If you do not have a lot of experience with hair and/or wigs you will probably be very confused about wording and if it is a good or bad thing. 
At the Lauren Ashtyn Collection we completely understand how confusing and deep the research can go when it comes to wig/topper buying. We get questions about monofilament top wigs all the time and so we are here to explain what it is, the pros and cons of it and to help you make an educated decision when buying your next wig or topper. 

What are they?

Monofilament top wigs or mono top wigs are wigs that have a transparent mesh-like lace on top of the wig, where the hair is tied into the material. 
Every brand has a different way of making this type of wig, but for the Lauren Ashtyn Collection, every wig and topper is made with 100% European Remy Human Hair. Each hair is hand tied into place on the monofilament top. 
This gives the best and most natural look when wearing a wig. 


There are many reasons why you should consider a mono top wig. The biggest reason is they give you the most realistic looking scalp and hairline. Because of the way they are made, mono top wigs are able to be parted in multiple directions, giving a more realistic movement to the hair.
Another great aspect of a mono top wig is its durability. Because of the hand tying technique used, the hair is much more durable and less likely to fall out over time, if taken care of properly. 
With the way mono top wigs are made, they provide an unmatched level of comfort for the wearer. The mesh base is soft and pliable and molds to your head with ease. 


One of the only  cons of a mono top wig is the price point. This type of wig is a luxury item and with 40 hours going into making a single wig, you can understand why.

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