What is the difference between human hair and “fake” hair?

Mar 20, 2024

What is the difference between human hair and “fake” hair?

This is the #1 question we receive from customers interested in our 
luxury hair toppers and wigs. 
Why are The Lauren Ashtyn Collection hair pieces better than other brands? 
Why are they considered luxury items? 
What does it mean when we say “made with 100% European Remy Human Hair”?
We totally understand the confusion and are here to answer all of your questions!

So, What is the Difference?

If you are not buying a human hair wig, topper, or extension, then you are purchasing 
synthetic hair. 
Synthetic hair is just what it sounds like: Hair fibers that have been man-made. Usually, synthetic hair is made out of material like acrylic or nylon, and is then treated and dyed to mimic natural human hair. Synthetic wigs can also be made of silk, silicone, single-filament polyester, or a number of other materials.
*For more information on synthetic hair and its pros and cons check out this quick blog post
Our hair pieces are made from ethically sourced human hair. 
At the Lauren Ashtyn Collection, we take our quality a step further and use European Remy hair. This gives our hair pieces a healthy, natural look and feel that act just as your normal hair would when washing, styling, etc. 

Why Choose The Lauren Ashtyn Collection?

We do things differently when it comes to our products. 
All of our wigs, toppers and extensions are made from 100% European Remy human hair. The top is completely hand tied, strand by strand into a 4x4” Multidirectional skin top. This means your hair piece can be parted in any direction just like your own hair.
This is why our hair pieces are considered luxury items. The price reflects the quality of product we are sending to our customers. Our hair pieces are made and handled with the utmost care to ensure outstanding quality that perfectly matches natural human hair. 


What is European Remy Human Hair?

This is the #1 question we receive from our customers. So, let’s break down this phrase and talk about why this kind of hair is so special and the best option for our products!
We source all of our hair from Europe. When we receive the hair, it is virgin, meaning it is fully natural and has never been colored or bleached. Once we have made the hair pieces, they are colored to be one of the 30+ colors you can find on our website. 
Remy hair is hair that still has the cuticle intact and untreated. This gives the hair the ability to act as natural hair would while washing and styling. Remy hair also gives the customer the freedom to part their hair piece in multiple directions.
Human Hair:
Our hair pieces are made with 100% human hair. This means that the hair pieces will act the same way as your natural hair. Our hair pieces can be colored, washed, straightened, and curled.

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