A young dark-haired woman with thinning hair looks anxiously at her hairbrush

Jul 20, 2023

Hair is a significant source of pride for many women. Your luscious locks are a form of self-expression that is easy to take for granted. What happens when you suddenly find yourself without it?

Women of every age can experience sudden hair thinning due to genetic, medical, or emotional factors. It’s difficult to persevere when you no longer look or feel like yourself.

The right topper for women’s hair loss can change that. Rather than grieving your hair and identity, you’ll find yourself celebrating beauty, versatility, and style. Quality toppers consist of 100% European Remy human hair, which blends in perfectly with your existing locks. You’ll gain volume, movement, and, most importantly, confidence.

Are women’s hair toppers for thinning hair the right beauty solution for you? We’ll help you decide. 

Toppers vs. Wigs: Which Is Right for You? 

A topper may be the right solution for your hair loss if you have some existing hair. For example, you might have burnt follicles from radiation treatment or a bald spot from genetic hair loss. Some women use hair toppers to compensate for thinning hair following pregnancy or stress-related telogen effluvium. It is also an excellent solution for women with naturally thin or brittle hair.

The piece clips into your hair to add volume, allowing you to embrace colors and styles you could not achieve otherwise. The clips are gentle and will not pull or damage your natural hair. They are safe for women experiencing active hair thinning or hair loss related to progressive conditions, such as pattern baldness. 

While we recommend wig toppers for thinning hair, women with no hair at all should consider a wig. If you’re unsure, you can contact a licensed Lauren Ashtyn Collection stylist for a free online consultation

A woman smiles at herself in the mirror while styling her thick hair

Styling Hair Toppers for Women’s Thinning Hair

When you’re living with hair loss, it can be difficult to find flattering styles. You may struggle to cover bald spots and avoid hair color out of fear of damage. When you embrace a human hair topper, there is no limit to the styles you can achieve. 

Trendy Colors

Toppers come in 30 trendy colors, from bold reds to subtle grays. The range of options means every woman can feel like her most authentic self. If a color isn’t a match, a stylist can tone your topper until it blends perfectly. 

Sometimes, however, women choose to color their natural hair to match our stylish toppers better! They love our multi-dimensional balayage colors. Each one is hand-painted and perfectly emulates single-process hair color. 

Volume and Movement

You can choose between two volume options: light volume or full volume. This ensures your topper never looks “fake” or “wiggy.” Your topper will add volume and natural movement, but never bulk. Get ready to receive a lot of compliments on your thick, healthy head of hair!

The Ideal Length

Each piece is between 12 and 18 inches long, but it doesn’t need to stay that way. A licensed stylist can trim and style your topper until it suits your ideal length and style. Because each one consists of human hair, your stylist can even add layers or bangs. 

There is no reason you can’t keep your topper long, however. These beautiful pieces allow women to maintain their length, despite their hair loss. They can even help cover gray hair near your roots.

The Perfect Part

We also recognize that your part can be personal. With luxury hair toppers for thinning hair, you can place your part wherever you like or even mix it up. It doesn’t matter if your hair loss is around your roots. 

Spectacular Style

You can do almost anything to your topper that you can do to your natural hair. Style options range from simple ponytails and buns to more elaborate styles. You can even curl or blow dry your wig topper. We recommend using a mannequin head for more complex styling. 

Express Yourself With a Topper for Women’s Hair Loss

You don’t have to sacrifice your personal style or identity just because you’re experiencing thinning hair. A high-quality 100% human hair topper for women’s hair loss is a natural-looking solution. With so many options for customization, women of all ages will feel like the best version of themselves again. 

It’s time to reclaim your confidence with a hair topper from The Lauren Ashtyn Collection. Shop our collection of hair toppers and experience the transformation for yourself.