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Feb 22, 2024

Being in the wig business means that we receive hundreds of questions about sourcing. We understand the concern! It might sound fishy or even unethical to source hair from the heads of humans. If you have questions or worries, you’ve come to the right place!

Two of our highest values at The Lauren Ashtyn Collection are transparency and quality. We handmake all of our products with love to empower our clients, and we believe that you deserve to know where your hair has come from. Every product we sell is lovingly handmade with the finest quality 100% Remy European human hair, which we have sourced ethically.

Where Do Wigs Come From?

Human hair is sourced all the time for wigs and extensions. Our clients much prefer human hair because synthetic hair is often cheap and doesn’t style well or last long. Human hair is of the utmost quality, can be styled just like the hair on your head, and will last years.

Within the category of human hair wigs and extensions there are many different sources. Those with ethical concerns about the source of human hair have surely read articles exposing the shady side of many wig companies. It is true that many wig and extension companies source human hair by paying a premium to convince low-income women and girls to grow and cut their hair.

Sometimes human hair comes sourced from exploitation, particularly in developing countries. This practice is unethical, and we believe it’s very important for companies to have traceability for all the hair they source. Though not all wig hair comes from China, many of the historically unethical practices of hair sourcing have happened there.

Another method for sourcing human hair wigs comes from religious ceremony. In India, some Hindu ceremonies include head shaving. This hair is usually untouched or “virgin”, meaning that it has not been bleached or dyed and the cuticle is intact. Indian hair is usually ethical and very high quality for these reasons.

The Lauren Ashtyn Collection uses exclusively 100% European Remy human hair. The last origin for sourcing wig hair comes from Eastern Europe. Western women are often loathe to cut their hair because of beauty standards.

For women of European descent, Remy European human wigs will look the most like their own hair. Extensions and wigs made from this hair are silky, shiny, and easy to style.

Why We Use 100% Remy Human Hair

Girl with long, blonde, wavy, shiny hair.

Now that you know where human hair wigs and human hair extensions come from, let’s talk about the different types! Human hair can be virgin, Remy, or non-Remy. We take great care to hand tie and lay each strand of Remy hair, and we would love to explain why we find it to be the best human hair for wigs and extensions.

Virgin hair is often regarded as the gold standard for both wigs and extensions, because it has never been chemically processed. This means that the cuticle is intact and it is smooth and silky. Virgin hair costs a premium because of its quality.

Non-Remy hair has been stripped or processed, and it is much harder to track its sourcing. Consumers have high expectations of virgin and Remy hair, so manufacturers must be more transparent. Non-Remy hair is easily damaged and will not last as long.

Remy hair may or may not have been chemically processed, which allows it to be more affordable for the average consumer. However, Remy hair still retains an intact cuticle. We hand lay and tie each strand of human hair in all of our wigs and extensions so that each hair lies in the same direction. This allows for the silkiest, easiest to style wigs available!

We love 100% Remy human hair because it just like the hair you would grow on your head. It’s silky, shiny, and will last at least 3 years. Remy is worth the investment!

All of Our Wigs Come With Love!

If you have been burnt by a “human hair” wig that turned out to be synthetic, we have some advice for testing wigs. Though it might seem drastic, you can try burning a small section. Real hair will singe and smell like hair, while synthetic hair will roll into a ball and smell like melting plastic. Synthetic hair wigs are also much heavier than real hair, even when the wigs have the same strand volume.

We have found that human hair wigs with a lace front are the most comfortable to wear. They are more flexible, lightweight, and breathable. If you’re ready for the hair of your dreams, we highly recommend 100% Remy human hair with a lace front.

Shop with us to look and feel empowered and beautiful! All of our human hair wigs come from ethically sourced European hair.

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