Oct 28, 2022

Model demonstrating long, lucid hair extensions

Long, voluminous hair has a way of boosting confidence; flowing mermaid hair can feel like the perfect finishing touch to any lovely look. Not everyone is born with hair that’s full of body, but thankfully, high quality human hair extensions can make up for the volume and length lost.

But how long do extensions last in your hair? Depending on the type of hair extensions, you’ll get a different experience out of your new hairstyle. Whether you’re going with permanent hair extensions or you’re looking for something more temporary with tape in hair extensions, here’s what to expect:

How long do keratin hair extensions last?

Keratin bonded hair extensions are strands of unprocessed human hair that are connected to the hair with keratin adhesive over tape instead of tape or glue. Hair care and overall maintenance plays a role in how long these types of extensions will last, but you can expect to get a three to five month wear out of them. 

How long do weave in hair extensions last? 

Weave in hair extensions are another semi-permanent option for someone who wants a long-lasting experience, but these tend to last between six and eight weeks as long as they’re cared for properly. While you may be inclined to keep them in longer, it’s recommended that weave in extensions should stay in no longer than a few months to avoid causing damage to your hair. 

How long do clip in hair extensions last?

If you’re looking for the longest-lasting high quality hair extension experience, clip in extensions are the way to go. With the right maintenance, care and attention to detail, your hair extensions can last up to a year, and potentially even longer. To lengthen the wear of your clip in extensions, keep these tips in mind:

  • Brush through your hair extensions after each use
  • Avoid sleeping in hair extensions
  • Use heat resistant styling products when styling your natural hair and extensions

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