Mar 27, 2020

What Your Hair Color Says About You

Have you ever thought about what your hair color has to say about your personality, and whether or not those things are accurate? Of course, some women sport hair colors they were born with, and some do not. Some of us may have even forgotten what our natural color is! In any case, there are apparently certain personality traits associated with whatever color our hair is - or isn’t. Wait, now I’m confused.

True Or False

OK, so blondes are said to be high-maintenance, feminine, youthful, sexy, naive and obedient. Brunettes are supposed to be hard-working, serious, introspective and mysterious. Black haired people are religious, poetic, spiritual, serious and self-centered. Red-heads are mysterious, romantic, passionate, alluring and fiery. It has also been proven that hair color influences our blood pressure and behavior. Therefore, changing your hair color can influence your behavior, as you are more likely to adopt the stereotypes associated with it. What do you think, true or false?

Interesting Options

So what about options like real hair extensions, and how they can change our appearance and the way we wear our hair, from day to day? That sort of throws these stereotypes a bit of a curve, now doesn’t it? I find it more interesting to be different, and even enjoy being in the small percentage that does not fit into the mold of society’s “norm”.

Real hair extensions such as the ones I found at The Lauren Ashtyn Collection are one of the most amazing and versatile options for improving and drastically changing your appearance out there.

What Real Hair Extensions Can Do

If you want to change your appearance for the better by adding fullness, body, length or even a splash of color to your own hair, you can do it in a snap with these real hair extensions. They have a unique clip-in design that does not damage your own hair, and can be attached securely in just seconds. Plus they are fully customizable as far as color, cut and style, and there are many different tutorials on their website to help you with this, and any other aspect of your real hair extensions.

Dare To Be Different

The point is, dare to be different! Utilize things like real hair extensions from The Lauren Ashtyn Collection to throw everyone off, and while you’re at it, achieve that unique look you’ve been trying for. You might be surprised to find out how easy this can be, and how many different hairstyles you can rock with these amazing game-changers! They’re easy to care for and can last you up to 3 years, so they make a great investment, too. There are payment plans for those who qualify, and it won’t affect the prompt shipment of your order. See the difference for yourself, in this highly versatile and excellent quality product. Schedule a free hair consultation to help with your selection, or just for some advice from the experts, at The Lauren Ashtyn Collection. Take that first step and dare to be different - you really can make a difference!