Apr 11, 2020

You Are What Your Hair Eats

Did you know that your hair is actually a reflection of your health and diet? It’s true. Well, sort of. This much is definitely a fact; if you eat certain foods rich in nutrients your hair needs, your hair will reflect that in its overall healthiness by being thicker, longer and stronger. So if you’re like many of us who suffer from thin or lifeless hair, there are certain foods you can eat to strengthen your hair for optimal hair health. Eggs are one of the best hair foods you can eat, along with spinach and red meat. Nuts and seeds, particularly Brazil nuts, almonds and walnuts. Along with these, avocados and fresh berries make top of the list.

Unhealthy Hair Solution

If you deal with thin or lifeless hair, join the club! Many of us have tried everything, from hair thickening serums to teasing the hair we have. Besides eating healthy, is there anything else we can do? The answer is yes. Try using the best hair toppers, like the ones from The Lauren Ashtyn Collection. If you have thin or flat hair, these extensions can improve your hair’s appearance instantly!

The difference is dramatic and will amaze you, and suddenly you can achieve the look you’ve been trying to create all along. The best hair toppers can be found at The Lauren Ashtyn Collection, because their extensions are made from the highest quality Remy European human hair, and can last up to 3 years with proper care.

Best Hair Toppers

At The Lauren Ashtyn Collection, their hair extensions are luxurious, opulent and a far superior product. They make them by hand in a 45 day process involving triple knotting each strand and attaching them to a micromesh base. They are truly the best hair toppers on the market, and there is financing available. They offer free hair consultations at any time, should you need assistance choosing the right extensions or simply just want some advice. Plus, they offer many different tutorials on their website, at: https://thelaurenashtyncollection.com/ to help you with every aspect of your purchase of the best hair toppers you can buy.


Easy Care And More

Since these extensions are made from human hair, care is easy. You will routinely use healthy, nourishing products every 15 wears or so, or when product build-up makes the topper unmanageable. Use a moisturizing conditioner, and if you must use heat, use a moisture, hydrate and heat protectant spray first. Brush or comb gently each day to avoid tangles, and remember your extensions are fully customizable with regard to color, cut and style. They offer free video hair consultations for assistance with the best hair toppers for you, if necessary. More information can be found at ,https://issuu.com/laurenashtyn.
The Lauren Ashtyn Collection has a goal for every client to help them become the best version of themselves possible, so why wait? They are an ideal solution to thinning, lifeless hair problems. These extensions add volume, fullness and length to your own hair and give you a healthy, beautifully restored look! Get in touch with The Lauren Ashtyn Collection today.