Mar 30, 2017

The Lauren Ashtyn Collection needs your help! This week, The Lauren Ashtyn Collection has entered into the FedEx Small Business Grant Competition! Voting in the competition began March first and runs through April 5. The top 100 will be announced April 13th and, finally, the winners will be announced April 25! Although we entered the Competition late, we think we still have a chance at winning, but we need your help!! Eight businesses win the Bronze prize ($7,500), one business wins the Silver prize ($15,000), one business wins the Grand Prize ($25,000) and on top of all of that, all 10 winners receive a money towards FedEx services! Winning any of these prizes would greatly increase our ability to expand our inventory, improve our Signature Salon, expand our product line, and above all, better serve YOU! We would be thrilled to receive any of these prizes, but of course we have our sights set on the Grand Prize – and with your support, we think we can do it! If you have a moment today, please click the link below to vote! Simply enter your email address, verify that you are human and submit. They won’t bother you with emails after you’ve voted, so you don’t have to worry about enormous amount of spam hitting your email. Don’t forget to click the link in 24 hours to vote for us again! You can also share the link with friends and family to allow them to support our small business. The competition ends April 5th – how many votes can you get for The Lauren Ashtyn Collection by then?? Our goal is 300 each day – can you help us get there? As always, we are incredibly grateful for and humbled by all of your support. We are blessed to have grown so rapidly in the past year and to have been able to touch so many lives. It is our dream to continue to grow and touch lives around the world. Thank you in advance for all of your votes and shares!!????