Mar 02 , 2017

Choosing The Right Hair Extensions

The vast world of hair extensions can be tough to navigate. The many different styles and types can make it difficult to select which is perfect for your hair and lifestyle. From clip-ins to crown extensions to wigs, researching hair can be a longer process than growing it. To not get swallowed by the sea of extensions, know the types and products before shopping.

Clip-In Hair Extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are a popular type of add-in. These are easy to apply at home and make extra length and body accessible to many. Clip-in hair extensions are not the item to choose for a full hair transformation. While they come in several colors, clip-in hair extensions are used to add to the style, not create it. If looking for something quick and easy for a boost of glam, go for clip ins. For a full hair style, try something else.


Wigs are age old hair extensions. Owning multiple wigs can be fun for adventurous person inside of everyone. For centuries, both men and women have opted for wigs to completely change their look. Wigs were used to show status in many eras and cultures. Modernly, wigs can be used to not only go from long golden locks to a short burgundy cut without actually chopping hair off but also to protect hair from daily manipulation. For a complete hair 180, go for wigs that are opposite of your natural hair. Wigs are great for trying new daring looks without commitment.

Crown Extensions

crown extensions Crown extensions are the perfect investment for last a longing hair extensions. Crown extensions are made of human hair and can be dyed for the perfect match to your natural hair. Crown extensions can be worn and styled like natural hair. This includes heat styling, washing, and daily brushing and combing. These hair extensions are composed of human hair on a weft and can be installed by a professional stylist alone, blending the natural hair on top or, in addition to other extensions for a completely new look. Use crown extensions for long wear hair styling.
Clip On Updos
Clip on updos such as ponytails and buns are a great option for last minute glam. For a red carpet worthy look without the time and accessibility to a hair and makeup team, clip on hairstyles are perfect. Clip on hair styles are often affordable and accessible to all. Save a little money at the salon and purchase a clip on hair bun or ponytail for the next upscale event. Accessorize with curls, rhinestone clips and combs to achieve a chic, professionally styled look. Choose a clip-on ponytail or bun for a style needed for a one day occasion.
Glue In Hair Styling
Hair extensions that are glued in can work for short-term looks that need to last longer than a day without the hassle of applying every morning. Glue in extensions can be used to add length and volume to natural hair or to create a style on its own. Glue in hair extensions use an adhesive created for bonding hair and are applied to hair near the roots, not at the scalp. It is important to have glue in styles professionally installed, as the wrong glue or improper placement can damage hair. Choose glue-in hair styling for looks that need to last approximately one possibly two weeks.