May 01, 2023

How to hide extensions in short hair

If you’re sporting a super short ‘do but still want to experiment with hair extensions, you’re in luck! While it’s true that hair length does have some impact on your extensions, you can still hide extensions in short hair if you want to give that look a try. 

You’ll have to make sure you’re using the right kind of extensions and that you put them in so they don’t show. But other than that, extensions for very short hair can definitely be doable! 

Here’s how to hide extensions in very short hair.

Extensions for Very Short Hair: Picking Your Extensions

When choosing your extensions for short hair, there are a couple of things you have to keep in mind. 

Choose the right color

One of those is making sure that you choose a color that matches your natural hair, so the extensions seamlessly blend and aren’t too obvious. If you need help with this, a Lauren Ashytn stylist will be happy to do a consultation and help you choose the right color! 

Pick the right type of extension

The type of extensions you choose can also help when wearing extensions on super short hair. You want to choose a style of extension that doesn’t have too many wefts, as these can show up under your natural hair more. 

Check with your stylist first, but you may have better luck using a style of extension that has a smaller bond, which will be easier to blend in with shorter hair. Similarly, choosing a thicker set of extensions will help your hair look more bouncy and natural.

How to Hide Extensions in Very Short Hair: Make Sure You Style Them

Once you’ve chosen the perfect extensions, you have to make sure you’re styling them to blend in with your real hair. Your stylist will be able to help with this. After your extensions are attached, trim and style your extensions to match the style and length of your natural hair. This will make it way less obvious that you’re wearing extensions, making it easier to hide! 

And, of course, if you’re using clip-in extensions or tape-in extensions at home, you want to give yourself a good once-over before leaving the house to ensure you’ve covered up all the spots where the extensions are attached.

How to Hide Short Hair Under Extensions

One of the big draws of extensions is you can experience having long hair without waiting for your own hair to grow naturally. If you’re wondering how to hide short hair under extensions, that’s an option too! 

Style extensions with layers

Bring your extensions to your stylist so they can trim and style them with layers. Layers will make it easier for your natural hair to blend with your extensions since your natural hair will look like a short layer and will be less obvious. 

You can also trim the edges of your natural hair so they’re a little feathery and not totally blunt, that’ll also make it easier to blend your extensions. Plus, your natural hair will look super cute even when you’re not wearing extensions.

Get comfy with a curling iron

Another good trick to help blend extensions on super short hair is to style them in waves or curls. It’ll be harder to see where your real hair stops and your extensions begin if you’re rocking some super cute curls. Whether you wear full-on curls or some more gentle beach-style waves, you’ll still be able to hide your extensions and wear a fun style that makes the most of your length. 

Try braiding or twisting your hair

One of the most fun parts of getting longer hair by wearing hair extensions is all the fun styles you couldn’t wear with short hair. If you’re having a hard time hiding where your natural hair ends and your extensions begin, you can try a fun half-up-do with braids and twists. 

This will hide your extensions on super short hair, while still showing off your length. There are tons of cute half-up, half-down looks that you can wear to help hide extensions and show off your new length.

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