Hair topper with brush and shampoo bottle

Jun 13, 2023

Wondering how to style a hair topper so it blends in beautifully with your natural hair? Whether you want to sport a sleek, straight mane or a mass of curls, this type of hair piece is highly versatile and very easy to style.

Hair toppers are among the best hair extensions for adding volume to limp locks. They’re also excellent for providing additional coverage in cases of thinning hair or partial hair loss. 

No matter how you plan to blend your hair topper, you’ll start by clipping it around your crown area to make sure it’s secure. From there, here are several tips to try when wearing your topper:

Get Your Topper and Natural Hair Trimmed by a Professional

The most important thing you can do to help with blending a hair topper in with your natural hair is to get a good trim. Visit a professional hair stylist who is experienced with wigs, extensions, and hair toppers.

They’ll be able to clean up the ends of your existing hair to remove any split ends or uneven strands. They can also make strategic snips to customize your topper’s length, shape, and layers. 

At the end of your appointment, your overall style will look a lot more seamless and cohesive. You may not even be able to tell where the topper starts and your natural hair ends!

Wash Your Hair Topper With the Right Products

Heat styling tools on a table

Whether you choose a synthetic hair topper or a human hair topper, it will come with washing and drying instructions. When not wearing the hair piece, you can gently shampoo and condition it with wig-friendly care products to remove any buildup and refresh its appearance.

We recommend washing your human hair topper from The Lauren Ashtyn Collection once every four to six weeks to keep it looking and feeling luxurious. 

Apply a Protective Spray Before Heat Styling

A hair topper can lose its luster and show signs of damage if it’s routinely exposed to too much heat without any protection – just like your natural hair. Before using heat styling tools, mist on a heat protectant that’s specifically designed for wigs and extensions.

Try Blow-Drying Your Hair Topper With a Round Brush

If you’ve just washed your hair topper, use a towel to gently squeeze away excess water. Brush it out gently with a wide tooth comb to eliminate any snags. From there, you can blow-dry it with a ceramic round brush to smooth out the strands. This will help to create bounce, shine, and volume.

It can help to blow-dry your natural hair in the same way to achieve a similar look. This way, the topper and your existing hair will blend together more naturally.

Consider Curling or Straightening Your Hair Topper

If you choose a hair topper that’s compatible with heat styling, you can use any of your favorite hot tools to create a look you love. This could include using a flatiron to achieve smooth, straight strands. Or you might prefer using a curling wand or iron to create bouncy curls or waves. 

Whether you have a synthetic or natural hair topper, follow the instructions when selecting the right heat setting. It’s safer to test out lower temperatures until you find one that creates a lasting curl. Avoid the hottest temperature setting, since this could damage your topper.

Style the Hair Topper on a Mannequin Head

Whether you’re planning to do a blowout, straight style, or curls, start by securing your hair topper to a mannequin head. If you’re still learning how to style a human hair topper, this is an easy way to create a successful style without missing any spots. 

You’ll have the most control over your styling tools this way. Plus, it will ensure you don’t damage the topper itself or snag your natural hair in the process.

Style Your Natural Hair Separately, Then Blend the Look

Use the same techniques to style your natural hair separately. For example, if you’ve curled your topper on a mannequin head to create waves that fall away from your face, do the same on your own hair. 

Once you clip in the hair topper, run your fingers through all of your tresses and they should blend together nicely. If needed, you can do a few touch-ups – like re-curling a small section so the strands lay together more smoothly.

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