Aug 18, 2018

Nearly 5 out of 7 nights a week, the same question is being asked by almost every woman everywhere. “What should I wear to work tomorrow?” It is a tired question that sounds way too familiar. It is not easy to put together an outfit that says it is professional enough for the office environment, yet carry you through to your evening activities. The outfit needs to say stylish, yet make a positive impression upon anyone you might meet through your daily activities. Continue reading to find a little inspiration to help you answer that age-old question when you are standing in front of your closet, and you sigh and say: “What am I going to wear today?”.

Printed Pencil Skirt

First is to change up that plain pencil skirt for one with a unique or exciting design or pattern. The pencil skirt is a timeless workpiece staple through the ages. The slimming silhouette that the skirt features is classic because it flatters all body types. Do not be afraid to experiment with colors and patterns. Mix and match until you find the right look for you.

Must-Have Essentials

No matter the work environment, casual or dress, there are classic pieces that should be at the ready for any working woman. They are blazers, midi skirts, and the pointed-toe shoe. These basics will always provide a polished and office-approved look.

The Bag

Briefcase, carryall, messenger bag, purse, backpack, or laptop bag, whatever you wish to call it, it is the ‘go to’ working woman’s accessory. Take your time and try out several bags, sizes, and colors to make sure you make a selection that you are going to love. This is a piece you will not want to skimp on, it is an investment, and you will most likely carry it, if not every day, at least five out of the seven.

Pop That Color

Set yourself apart from all the grays, blacks, and beige’s and rock some color! Try styling a nice pair of dress pants with a freshly laundered button-down blouse. Just add color. That’s the easy part! Mix, match, and experiment all you want until you find the color that makes you, ‘pop’! Adding a touch of color is always an easy and eye-catching way to update any outfit.

luxury hair extensionAccessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize

The general rule of thumb with accessories is: “Less is More,” especially at the office. However, after 5 when you want to go out for dinner or happy hour with the ‘gang’, it is more than OK to add a little sparkle and dazzle to your look. Try layering some necklaces, bracelets, even rings. Mix and match the sizes, until you find a look that is just right for you. Another way jazz up your look is to invest in a luxury hair extension, this will not only accessorize your wardrobe, but your hair as well. Taking only seconds to clip in, they subtly add to your look, increasing volume, adding coverage and fullness while blending with your own hair undetectably.