Feb 22, 2022

Professional hairdresser putting in hair extensions for a blonde girl in a beauty salon.

Whether you are searching for a new look or want to add beautiful fullness and length to your hair, hair extensions and human hair wigs are fabulous options. You have the freedom to choose the color and style of your hairpiece. However, these hairpieces won't last very long if not properly cared for. Taking care of your hair extensions and wigs keeps you from ending up with tangled, dry hair and damage to your natural hair.

The goal of hair extensions and wigs for women is to make you look better, not worse. So you need to treat them as you would your own hair. These expert tips will teach you how to take care of hair extensions to keep them looking flawless.

Replace Extensions Regularly

The lifespan of hair extensions can vary depending on the type you have. Below are some types of extensions and their lifetimes:

  • Tape-in: Using adhesive tape, tape-in hair extensions are attached to both sides of your natural locks. These extensions typically last 4-8 weeks due to split ends and damaged hair from styling, making it crucial to take good care of them and replace them when needed.
  • Pre-bonded: Pre-bonded hair extensions are fastened to the roots of your hair and attached to individual strands of your real hair. While they can last up to 4 months, you must reposition them every 2-3 months because your hair will have grown out.
  • Clip-in: Clip-in extensions are the easiest to use and the least damaging. They come with clips that attach to your natural roots and can last for over a year with the right care.

No matter which type of hair extensions you choose, human hair wigs and extensions will last longer than synthetic if you take good care of them and replace them at the proper time.

Make Sure You Install Them Correctly

The key to maintaining your hair extensions is installing them correctly. When you put on your set poorly, you risk damaging your natural hair and may need to replace it earlier than planned. Even worse, installing them wrong can make them look uneven and choppy. To avoid complications, get help from a professional or watch tutorials here.

Wash Your Hair

Washing your hair extensions every other week will make them last longer. However, excessive washing can damage your hair extensions and cause them to loosen. With all styles, taking care of hair extensions requires you to be extremely gentle, especially when washing the roots. Avoid installing extensions if you use dry shampoo regularly as it can dry them out. Maintain the health of your natural hair by using only natural, moisturizing ingredients.

Sleep on Silk or Satin

Wrap your extensions in silk or sleep on a silk or satin pillowcase to prevent extreme dryness. This minimizes hair friction, keeping your hair from frizzing and allowing the hair extension to keep its shine.

Brush Hair Daily

Dealing with tangles and knots is not fun and can harm your natural hair. To take care of your hair extensions, it is essential to brush them out before starting a new style. Start by brushing your hair at the ends and in between extensions before making your way to the top. If you have curly extensions, use a wide-toothed comb. If you have straight extensions, use a paddle brush.

To sum it up, all hair extensions last longer if you take good care of them. By following these tips, there is no doubt you will continue to look and feel your absolute best.

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